Quick Pitch SA - Quick-Peace

What is the Quick-Peace?

The outdoors is such an exciting and wonderful place. Freedom and peace for most who venture out and go 4x4ing or camping. Hiking, surfing or just doing the odd picnic.

It’s just that in all these places we have little bugs that pester and steal our peace. Africa, a continent of many interesting countries, and so it was with a bushveld lover who discovered the value of Wild Sage when visiting Botswana. Taking the fragrance and best of what this plant could offer, putting it together with Citronella and creating a product that will make us all enjoy each moment when outdoors.

A few properties of both these plants are anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and a very good insect repellent, especially mosquitos, flies, tics and sand fleas. The fragrance of the Wild Sage mixed with the Citronella leaves a clean, fresh scent and helps to restore your energy levels.

Quick Peace is proud to bring you this product to use daily or when you go on all your outdoor adventures.

The first product is a Soap Bar. All natural ingredients which are non-toxic, put into a glycerine soap bar to wash away the cares of the day. You will feel refreshed and protected. It can be used from head to toe and applied directly to the skin as a repellent.

The second product is a unique Shower Gel and Hair wash, leaving you refreshed and protected with the fragrance of the bushveld. It is advisable to use these products every 12 hours or less.

The third product so valuable to your skin. You only have one so protect it. This is the Sunblock 30 Spf. Quick to settle, not leaving your skin oily. The Wild Sage and Citronella in this product will once again help to keep bugs like flies at bay. Always check your time of burn!!!!! Reapplication is most important.

The best of all is that you now have products that will cleanse your body and hair, protect your skin, heal and sooth a scratch or minor injury and act as a repellent at the same time.

Your outdoor experience will be much more peaceful than ever before! Enjoy it.